Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Blog?

I always wondered why people blog. Always found it ego-feed to presume what you have to say is so life alteringly interesting that it should make people stop to listen. Stop to think. But perhaps what I do is far, far more egoistic. Because I write for an audience. I get paid to write pieces that people will tell me are good. Presuming nobody reads this, I am now writing in the silence of my own space. For me. I wondered about Twitter for the same reasons.  Having become a member a few years ago, I promptly labelled it boring, and left it alone, forgotten passwords and tweets under ten. I rejoined a few weeks ago, and perhaps it is my willingness to now be 'followed', but I like it. To be honest I love it. I love the news, I love the ideas, I love that it's only 140 characters, I love that I can see what Slash has to say alongside Margaret Atwood. I love that it is at my fingertips. Most of all though, I think I have become a person who is comfortable audience-less. And when I throw a thought out there and there is no crash or echo that follows, I am not panicked that I am alone...I am, finally, able to hear it. 

1 comment:

  1. tweets are better way to express anything thouhg i my self is suffering from not tweeeting just beacause i cant finD words to express my thoughts .
    Coming to your thought about tweets well iam looking forward for them as i know now that there will some part of me too to let that panick go away.